As a party person, have you ever had this dilemma? On a Friday you assume that you are already worn out from work, but at the same time, Friday is the kick-starter to a great weekend! So what should you do? Stay in to recharge for Saturday? Or go all out on a Friday to get yourself pumped for the weekend?

  1. Deciding on whether to party or stay-in


If you are someone who sits in a room watching the clock’s second hand relentlessly complete its round minute after minute, freedom bells ring on a Friday Night.


Nothing feels better than having the thought of getting a drink right after you clock out, to drown your weekly bothers in a delectable cocktail or a smooth glass of whiskey or whatever may be your antidote. Drink until it is okay, after a week of hardwork, you deserve it all.


Many people discriminate thinking the clubs will not be as hip on a Friday night compared to the usual Saturdays but here’s why we are wrong.

Although it may seem like there’s only a few people on the streets, party people who are in the loop knows very well which club will be poppin’ even on a Friday.

By right, Fridays are still known for the fact that it is a weekday, but people need to be reminded that it leads to the weekend, and in order for you to have an assured good weekend, you gotta do it right! Winding down on a drink, or two.., or three…, or four.. after a week of stress, is one way to reduce all the stress you have collected throughout the week! Keeping a balance between work and play is healthy. I am sure you have heard of the phrase, “work hard, party hard“. If you don’t find the right balance, your mind will only be suffocated with nothing but pressure and that does not help in absorbing new ideas for the week to come. Never destroy the potential of authentic creativity!



2. Benefits on partying on a Friday night.


Meeting someone cute and higher chances to see them again ;

Let’s all get real, other than unwinding ourselves with a couple of drinks with a couple of friends, on the other hand, we all hope to meet an eyecandy or two. It is always a plus when you go to your favourite club to get a drink, and at the same time, you get to meet someone attractive. Other than it goes “down in the DM” on social media, what’s better than meeting someone attractive in person? If you happen to meet a nice sweet lady OR a young handsome gentleman in the club on a Friday night, you actually might have the chance to see them again! The best way to do it? Ask them out on a Saturday. Say goodbye to the cliché boring excuses you will hear from them as a reaction for example like ;

“I’m sorry, I’ve got work left to be done that needs to be submitted on Monday.”


“I’m sorry, I just really want to stay in and get some rest for the week ahead.”

OR EVEN, the worst but most factual excuse,

“I usually spend my Sundays with my family for some quality time.”

I mean, I only said it was the worst because you can’t expect to tell them, not to spend time with their family and go out with you. That is a big no-no, you will lose points for that even before the other party starts being interested. I wouldn’t find it cute at all if a guy were to tell me that. So, take my advice. *winks

Meeting that someone attractive on a Friday night that in hopes you will see again, eventually brings you higher chances when you ask them out the next day instead of meeting them on a Saturday night and expecting a date on a Sunday. Now all the instagram captions made sense when they call it a Saturdate, yet?

Asking a girl out on a date or just a short meet-up over coffee on a Sunday usually offers a lower percentage of it happening. Why, you asked? Effort. It takes not only time, but effort when it comes to an actual date. Yes, an actual date is the real deal compared to when we met the first time at the club under the influence of alcohol, loud music, and low lighting. We need time for the make-up, the right outfit, the right pair of shoes, hesititation on which accesories to put on. Too much, too little? To be honest with you, ask any girl and 9/10 will tell you honestly, we just wanna stay in and be lazy on a Sunday. Getting ourselves prepared to face Monday. So please don’t ask us out on a Sunday, unless you are really cute, that might be an exception. Jokes!


Conversing better ;

I would say from my personal experience, 70% of the people in the club will only tend to converse better under the influence of alcohol. You tend to be less shy, you don’t hesitate as much whether or not to approach someone you find cute. Starting a conversation with someone you don’t know in the club in Malaysia, especially in Penang can be awkward. It is not like in the movies, or what you see overseas. Penangites are shy, that I agree with 100%. You could meet someone at work, or because of work out of the club. But chances of maintaining a good conversation can be risky, if you are the shy type that is helpless when it comes to building a good conversation. Especially when the other person is attractive and that makes you nervous. You don’t know what else is interesting to talk about, you can’t seem to think of anything. It is the new era, connections come from different sources, places, and network. Why people tend to connect more in the club nowadays is because the environment makes you feel much more comfortable to let yourself out and talk to anybody. If you say something funny, or embarassing to the person you are talking to for the first time, you blame it on the alcohol, but if the alcohol makes you come up with something good, (for example, a good pick-up line) you can thank the alcohol. But if you are completely sober and conversate only over a cup of coffee straight up for the first time, you have to practice your ways right to a good first impression cause if you screw up, sorry buddy, there is no excuse. HA-HA!

I am not saying you can’t converse over a cup of coffee, I wouldn’t mind getting to know someone through a good conversation. But ofcourse only when he puts in effort to keep the conversation going. But meeting someone new in a club helps both parties to connect better, with common ways of breaking the ice like ;

“Would you like a drink?”


“I like this song!”


“Do you want to join me and my friends at our table?” 


“Do you wanna get laid?” 

Alright, I’m kidding, don’t pull that on a first conversation, You will be pulled out of the club by a bouncer before you know it.



Feeling fresher, maybe even with new inspirations ;

Another plus point, is that partying on a Friday, helps you wake up the next day feeling fresher, and less pressured once all the stress is flushed away the night before. As if you are renewed. Also, sometimes you meet people who inspire you and may actually help you with the sources or networkings you might need. Who knows if you might meet a group of entrepreneurs/people with ideas who actually have the same perspective or offers you that drive of motivation you need to be inspired. If there is work to be done, to gather ideas on a Friday, to compile them on a Saturday and to still be able to fix it on a Sunday is better than to rush and panic everything on a Sunday itself, right? Ofcourse, it is okay to still party on a Saturday. I don’t say it is a bad thing. Moreover, it has become a routine for people to party on a Saturday more compared to a Friday. These are just plus points to prove that it can also be benefitial when you party on a Friday.

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